Mar. 27th
Apr. 1st

"The Duff"

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A high school senior instigates a social pecking order revolution after finding out that she has been labeled the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) to her prettier more popular friends.

Fri 27th 7:00 pm 2D
Sat 28th 9:30 pm 2D
Sun 29th    
Mon 30th 7:00 pm 2D
Tue 31st    
Wed 1st 7:00 pm 2D
Thu 2nd    


Mar. 27th
Apr. 2nd

"Run all Night"

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Mobster and hit man Jimmy Conlon has one night to figure out where his loyalties lie: with his estranged son, Mike, whose life is in danger, or his longtime best friend, mob boss Shawn Maguire, who wants Mike to pay for the death of his own son.

Fri 27th 9:00 pm 2D
Sat 28th 7:00 pm 2D
Sun 29th 7:00 pm 2D
Mon 30th    
Tue 31st 7:00 pm 2D
Wed 1st    
Thu 2nd 7:00 pm 2D





Adults 18+
Students 13-17
Children 4-12
Children under 4
3D Glasses





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